Why do I need to pay for totes?
Project Night Night tote payments cover the expenses we incur purchasing the totes and
shipping them to you. Your support helps us to reduce our costs so that approximately
94% our donations go directly to the homeless children we serve and not to the
administrative costs associated with fundraising. We ask for a 10 tote minimum order to
ensure that enough children at the shelter are served by your efforts. Thank you!

May I mail a check?
If you would prefer to mail a check or to send payment after the tote bags arrive, we will
include an invoice with your totes.      

-- Subject Line: Tote Bag Order & YOUR NAME/ORGANIZATION

-- Include # of tote bags requested (
10 tote minimum), mailing address
(please no P.O. boxes) and phone number for shipping purposes.

When do totes ship?
All totes ship once a week and payments include shipping costs. Please expect your
totes in approximately 7-10 business days.  Orders of fewer than 30 totes generally ship
on Mondays from the post office.  Orders of more than 30 totes generally ship on Fridays
from Federal Express.

Invoice and Project Consent Form will ship with your order and should be returned in the
envelope provided (each participant (or guardian) should sign the Project Consent Form).

Will I hear from you after I pay?
If you do not receive a confirmation email back within 24 hours, we did not receive your

All remaining questions should be directed to Jessica Bryan at
Jessica@ProjectNightNight.org or 734-277-7950.


In order to manage the large number of local tote assemblies,
ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST deliver (or mail) completed Night
Night Packages to one of our
drop-off locations rather than to the
shelter offices directly.  We cannot accommodate exceptions.